logo_stamp_mini“For Family Rights” is the Russian NGO, working in different  regions of the Russian Federation.  Our organization is defending the natural family that is the  «fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State» (Art. 16(3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) as well as the basic rights of the parents.  Our organization is working since 2010 on various levels: regional, federal and international.

In Russia we’re working in the field of practical protection of the parental rights when they’re violated by any institution, as well as of in depth analytical research on all family-related topics and of organizing the pro-family grassroot actions.  

One of our priorities is the protection of the fundamental right of parents to choose a kind of education for their children, including home education (homeschooling) option. When the right to home education was omitted from a new Russian draft bill on education in 2010, our organization successfully campaigned to preserve this fundamental family right. Due to these efforts, the right to home-school was added to the new Russian education law adopted in 2012. 

On the international level we’re trying to present the pro-family and pro-life position of the Russian Civil Society efficiently, to protect the genuine human rights and to provide the substantiated criticism of anti-famly approaches and policies. 

The Chairman of the «For Family Rights» NGO is Mr. Pavel A. Parfentiev, living in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mr. Parfentiev is the founder of our organization. He regularly speaks on family-related topics at the Russian and international conferences. In 2012 he was one of the main speakers at the International Ulyanovsk Demographic Summit in Russia, and at the International Symposium for Life in Biarritz, the first international pro-life symposium in the history of modern France. He was also a member of the Board of the first Global Home Education Conference (GHEC 2012) held in Berlin. Mr. Parfentiev has defended the rights of the natural family before policymakers in the Russian State Duma and in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. As a noted independent expert, he’s frequently appearing in the Russian media commenting on the issues related to family policy, family law, parental rights and home education. 

To learn more about our international activities you can visit the English web-site of the FamilyPolicy Advocacy Group wich is the pro-family and pro-life think tank co-founded by our organization. 

 You can contact «For Family Rights» NGO (Russia) sending us e-mail at: profamilia.ru@gmail.com